Artists need unity

The state of unity within the Namibian Art sector and the structures of the currently existing artists’ unions as principle representatives of the Art fraternity came under discussion organized by Franco Namibia Cultural Center (FNCC) in partnership with Artist Revolution Trust Namibia (ART Nam). 
The panellists called on artists to realign their partnership with existing unions for effective re-presentation aimed at defending human rights, improving the working conditions and standards for Namibian artists as well as protecting the integrity of the arts and entertainment trade.
Panel members consisted of senior representatives of existing local unions, researchers and go-vernment representatives, as well as legal and economical experts.
The common message at the discussion titled  ‘The Artist Union – A Potential Powerhouse’ was that without solidarity amongst the artists there would never be a space for artist unions to do their job and to bring about positive change.
It emerged that the existing unions were comparatively minor players in the current scheme of things and would remain so as long as the status quo persisted.
ARTNam is a voluntary organisation founded recently with the aim to bring about improved business parameters within the arts industry and to further the status of the individual artist in Namibia. ARTNam insofar builds on a collective of members, who contribute proactively towards furthering its objectives.
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